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Hip Speed Science and Proximal to Distal Sequencing


Powerful & fast hip rotation is essential in many sports including baseball, football, golf, hockey, tennis, lacrosse, punching, kicking and more.

The top athletes  from each of these sports normally have a significant amount of hip rotation motor control, strength and speed which improves their overall athletic performance.

The science behind why hips are so important has to do with transferring a load through the body and is called Proximal to Distal Sequencing.

In all ground based rotational sports requiring throwing (football, baseball, discuss, shot-put) and striking (golf, baseball, hockey, punching etc...) we develop a load from the ground and transfer that energy through our bodies to the final lever (punch, bat, club, stick etc...).

In order to transfer as much energy as possible we need to use our bodies in an efficient manor and sequence the energy transfer in a certain order.

This is what is known as Proximal to Distal Sequencing.   

The first potential rotational speed multiplier are the hips.  Hip / Pelvic rotation begins with firing of the gluteus muscles and specifically the gluteus medius muscle as well as lower back lumbar rotator muscles.

The more motor control along with strength and speed of these muscles... the faster you can rotate the hips and increase over all performance.

As hip speed increases it passes along more energy and speed to the torso to multiply and pass that energy along to the arms...  An increase of 1 mile per hour in hip rotational speed can mean an additional 25 MPH (50 - 75 yards) for a golfer. 

In addition to simply passing along energy through the body, when a sequence is correct it actually creates additional elastic energy stored in the bodies muscles.


When studying muscle force velocity curves and a proper kinematic sequence, we understand how to generate the most force / speed possible.

As we properly sequence and unwind our bodies during sports motion... we are increasing the amount of stretch between body segments and components AKA X Factor Stretch.

X Factor Stretch

For instance in a golf swing, as we unwind our hips just before we start to swing with our torso, we are stretching our oblique and lat muscles and preloading them to fire.

As they are getting pre-stretched they are also building more elastic energy potential which leads to an increased force and speed gain when they do fire.

This preloading or stretching of the oblique's builds more force potential in the muscle.  Once the muscle Concentrically contracts and fires, it will produce more speed and force.

The same sequence occurs in a baseball and football throw.  The pre-stretching of the entire body (as pitcher steps off the mound and arms goes back) creates a full body preloaded stretch giving increasing final speed.

The potential to build this elastic energy in the body is what is known as the stretch shorten cycle. 



The hips contain the strongest muscles in the body - the Gluteus Maximus and Medius.  These are also the muscles responsible for hip and pelvic rotation.

In order to increase hip rotational speed we need to increase 1) Motor control of the muscles, 2) Strength of the appropriate muscles and 3) Speed of the appropriate muscles.

The Hip Speed Trainer was designed to dramatically increase your hip motor control, hip strength, hip speed & overall athletic performance.


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